How to Set up your Year for Success

It’s that time of year, when we all begin writing out our goals, scheduling our weeks and setting ourselves up for success for the new year! And then the second week rolls around and we’re a little bit more lenient with our schedules…and then the third week rolls around and maybe we’re just too busy to do all those things we said we were going to do. I don’t know about you but by the fourth week of January, I’ve pretty much thrown my schedule out the window.

I want you to be successful throughout your entire year so I’m going to show you a few tricks I’ve found that not only keep me motivated but help me continue to quickly and efficiently reach my goals. And the first step is thinking about your year in increments of 30-90 days. Not only will this help you reduce overwhelm but focusing on a goal for the next 90 days will also reduce boredom and will help keep you on track.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I hate schedules! Who’s with me???

I really really hate them. I feel so constricted and when life happens or I have to be flexible with my schedule, I feel awful and become extremely frustrated. Not only that, frankly, schedules have never really worked for me.

There has to be a better way right? There have to be other people in the world that can’t stick to a nicely written out hour by hour schedule. I was writing out this giant list of tasks that needed to be done but I was only getting two to three things done on that list.

I’ve found a very simple solution. 

Then I found it. What if I only wrote one or two tasks down that needed to be done for that day. And these one to two things would be the things would make the rest of my list either not needed or make those tasks easier! These one or two tasks would help me reach a bigger goal I had set for myself but I was actually able to accomplish these tasks much more quickly than a list of ten or twenty tasks!
See, when you give yourself a giant list of ten or more tasks to do, it becomes overwhelming. We may lose sleep just to get these tasks done. We may not do these tasks to our full ability because we have five other tasks staring at us and we just need to “get it done”. And that’s when things in our lives start to slip. We’re not giving the best possible quality and value we can because we’re spread too thin.

 How do you schedule your day for maximum productivity?

How do you find these magical one or two tasks that will help you reach your overall goal? I know, it sounds odd to only be doing one or two tasks but hear me out. Maybe your biggest goal for the year is to exercise 4-5 days a week but you just haven’t been going to the gym or you find that you’re getting distracted and forget you planned to go to the gym. Pick one or two tasks that will get your closer to that goal.  Maybe that’s getting up earlier to go for a walk or setting your gym clothes and tennis shoes by your bed at night.

Basically, you just have to look at the one thing you want to accomplish this year, in the next 90 days, in the next 30 days. What is that? And what are two tasks you can do every single day to get yourself closer to that goal?

Creating just two small tasks will keep you on track, keep you motivated and will be way less overwhelming! These tasks will not take over your entire day and they can be done in less than 20-30 minutes. Make these tasks simple and easy to accomplish. The goal here is to take the steps necessary to accomplish your bigger goal!

Schedule your day for success the night before.

I always thought I had to schedule my entire week. But like I said, life happens as it tends to do and our schedule needs to change from day to day. But when I scheduled out my entire week, I found myself feeling frustrated if I wasn’t able to stick exactly to that schedule. And again, lost sleep trying to stay on the schedule and so on. It was just a vicious cycle and as you can tell, schedules and I just don’t get along!

So the solution was simple, I knew I had to prioritize one or two tasks but instead of doing this for the entire week, I wrote down my two most important tasks the night before! This helped me feel more flexible and I was still able to get the tasks done that I needed to get done! For me, this was a game changer and drastically helped actually accomplish my goals just one day at a time!

Set goals in 30-90 day increments and once your big goal is completed, begin again!

Look, at the end of the day, it’s simple, prioritize one or two tasks that are needed to get you to your end goal. This will not only leave you feeling extremely productive but it will also be an incredibly amazing feeling to continually accomplish goals throughout your year!

How do you schedule your day? Do you feel overwhelmed or like you had a productive day at the end of each day?

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