D.I.Y Easter Home Decor

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner?? This year is already flying by and it just started! But, even though it’s darn near the middle of March already, we got a snow storm and I wasn’t able to get the groceries I needed for our monthly veganized recipe.

So, this week I thought it would be super fun to bring you another DIY! And to keep in the spirit of warmer weather and adorable little springtime animals I wanted to show you how you could make a baby chick and a bunny! The fun thing is, you only need things you have already laying around the house!

I have linked to some products for your reference and convenience. Some of the links are affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if you choose to use those links to purchase the product. These are products I personally used to create this DIY project and would never share anything with you if I hadn’t tried it and loved it! In all honesty, I’m just completely obsessed with apple barrel paint and I’ve found it’s the best inexpensive/toxic free paint for these fun DIYs!


Directions (for the bunny):

  1. Glue the paper to one of the toilet paper rolls and roll the paper around the toilet paper roll. Then glue that side down as well.
  2. Cut off a small amount of excess paper at the ends of the toilet paper roll.
  3. Push in the excess paper into the inside of each side of the toilet paper roll so their not sticking out anymore. Try your best to reduce lumps.
  4. Glue the bottom of the toilet paper roll to the piece of paper and cut it out. Do this on both sides of the roll. This will give you a top on each side of the toilet paper roll.
  5. Paint your bunny pink. Of course, this is your craft so feel free to use any color you want!
  6. Draw out two ears on the unused toilet paper roll and cut them out. I also cut out two smaller cutouts for the insides of the ears.
  7. Paint your bunny ears pink or again, whatever color you want! Also, paint the inside of the ear cutouts using whatever color paint but I used white paint to make them stand out a bit.
  8. Glue the ears to the head and paint on your bunny face! Have fun with this and be creative! I added whiskers to give it a fun touch!
  9. Using the unused toilet paper roll again, draw and cut out some feet for your bunny and glue them onto the bottom.
  10. Lastly, glue on a cotton ball tail and there you have it! An adorable little bunny you can display in your home and create with your family!

DIY Easter Home Decor

DIY Easter Home Decor copy

Directions (for the chick!):

1. Follow steps 1-4 from above!

2. Paint your baby chick yellow or any other color you prefer!

3. Cut out feet from the unused toilet paper roll and paint them orange. Also, paint on an orange beak and two eyes. Googly eyes would be cute too!

4. Cut out two wings from the unused toilet paper roll and glue them to both sides of the baby chick.

5. This is optional. Take a small piece of fluff from a cotton ball and glue it to the middle of the chicks head. I think this looks cute and fun but of course, make it your own!

6. Now you have a baby chick to display in your home for the holidays!

DIY Easter Home Decor.png

This diy is super fun, easy and the best part is you can use things you already have in your very own home! I actually did this diy during a snow day so why not get your family together and make some fun holiday inspired crafts! If you enjoyed this project make sure to share the love and spread it around!

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25 thoughts on “D.I.Y Easter Home Decor

  1. I help baby sit my bffs 4 and 5 yos and I’m always looking for something fun to do with the girls that doesnt require tv. So, def will be trying this

  2. I help baby sit my bffs 4 and 5 yos and I’m always looking for something fun to do with the girls that doesnt require tv. So, def will be trying this

  3. The kids will have a blast with this. I love activities that are affordable and simple. Plus, I already have everything we would need!

  4. My daughter would love to make these! I’m always looking for new projects to keep her off of that tablet of hers.

    1. That’s a great idea!!! This project is perfect to do together and it will definitely keep her having fun and off her tablet! Have fun!!

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! I know, it’s such a bummer to have to take everything down once the holidays are over!

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