D.I.Y Holiday Decor

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Christmas is a mere…well it’s just a few weeks away, which basically means it’s a free for all for the upcoming holidays!

I don’t about you but we were ready to put the Christmas tree up in July!

Yes, we’re “those people”!

But holiday decor can be expensive unless you shop the sales and deals like we do!

Facing the Black Friday crowds is just not our thing so we decided to make our holiday decor and of course, do it on a  budget!

After Thanksgiving, we’re left with overflowing recycling bins and trash cans.

So we thought, what if instead of throwing everything away, we upcycle our empty wine bottles and add new life to those burnt out light bulbs!

If you’re ready for three pieces of adorable holiday decor, stick around because we’ve got some really fun surprises in store for you!

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“Max” The Grinch’s Dog from The Grinch Stole Christmas Movie Lightbulb Ornament 

Materials Needed:

Brown Paint– we used acrylic paint and had to be a bit resourceful because we only had a very dark brown and white paint. Feel free to use any paint you would like. Most paints will do just fine but we prefer acrylic or chalk paints because we’ve found they hold the best.

Twine or String– We love the look of twine but this ornament isn’t very heavy so any type of string you have laying around the house will do the trick!

White and Black Acrylic Paints– these paints will be used for the eyes and pupils of Max to give him an adorably surprised expression!

Matte, Glossy or Metallic Red Acrylic Paints– this will be for Max’s nose when the Grinch puts on a fake red nose! Can you tell that Max is our favorite character from How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

Old lightbulb– We always have old lightbulbs laying around the house, that no one really seems to throw away, so we just used that and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

An old pair of jeans: Make sure this is a pair of jeans you are okay with cutting up! We are going to get a lil’ creative here and cut out Max’s ears and one antler from these jeans!

Glue: Any glue will do! This is just to glue the twine or string to your ornament!

Straw: For his one adorable antler!

Max Lightbulb Ornament.png

max lightbulb ornament cont..png


1. Begin painting your lightbulb. Choose any brown color you choose. We didn’t paint the bottom or top…but it’s up to you if you want to or not!

2. While we’re waiting for the paint to dry, grab your old jeans and draw Max’s ears with a sharpie then cut them out! Make sure to make them a bit bigger than you would think, the paint shrinks the fabric a bit!

3. Paint the ears and allow them to dry.

4. Next up is Max’s adorable single antler! Grab those old jeans again and with a sharpie draw on an antler! No need to make it perfect, just have fun with it! Make sure to create two identical antlers. We’ll need the second one later! Paint the antler just like you did the ears above!

5. Once the light bulb is dry, begin drawing on Max’s adorable face! Two ovals for the eyes, a bright red nose, and a squiggly smile! We’re going for more of the cartoon Max here instead of the real pup from the modern How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

6. Now it’s time to glue on Max’s ears! I glued mine closer to the face but it’s up to you where you want to put them!

7. Once Max’s ears are glued into place, it’s time to create his antler! If you recall, poor Max only had one antler on that the Grinch tied on with a bow! Grab your bendy straw and place it behind the antler we cut out earlier. Cut the extra off and glue it to the fabric antler.

8. Glue the second antler we cut out earlier to the other side of the straw. Making his single antler more 3-D!

8. Glue the antler to the top of Max’s head, take a piece of twine, tie a bow and glue that to the middle of the antler!

9. Lastly, glue a piece of string or twine to the back or sides of Max’s head.

10. Put it on your tree for all to enjoy!!

Wine Bottle Santa

Materials needed:

Empty Wine Bottles: We always have a few cluttering up our recycling bin after the holidays, so why not use them!!

Red Acrylic Paint: We’re using this red paint to paint Sant’s red suite! This part is really fun! You can, of course, use a glossy or metallic red paint if you’d like!

Gold Metallic Paint: THis paint will be used as his belt buckle and of course, if you’d prefer to have a matte belt buckle you can use matte paint as well.

Black Metallic Paint: Black paint will be used for his entire belt! You can choose to substitute black fabric if you’d like!

Twine: Like I said, we love the look of twine, but if you don’t and prefer not to use it, you can omit this material! Remember, it’s your project, be creative and have fun with it!!

Glue or hot glue gun: Any type of glue will due. This is only needed if you choose to add the wine at the end!

santa clause wine bottle


1. Clean and soak your wine bottles to remove the label. Make sure to use hot water and lots of soap! I soaked mine for about 30 minutes. If soaking doesn’t get all of the label off, try using fingernail polish remover! It works like a charm!

2. Once your wine bottle is clean, begin painting the entire bottle with red paint! This will be Santa’s body! You may need two to three coats of paint to completely cover. It mostly just depends on the jar.

3. Next up is Santa’s belt! You can choose to use fabric to this part but we decided to paint it on! The best way to do this is by hand. Use a stiff brush and start painting! We tried using paper as a guide but that ended up tearing off the paint…opps!

4. Now it’s time to draw on the belt buckle! Use your gold metallic paint for this and it works perfectly! Again, we drew this on by hand. For some reason, the metallic paint seems to be more finicky and when we use paper as a guide, the paint peels off.

5. One the belt is dry it’s time to add Santa’s buttons! These are pretty simple. We just drew two circles above the belt and two below!
6. This step is completely up to you. Like I said, we really like the look of twine and thought it looked great on Santa! But, if you don’t, don’t use it! This is your project so be as creative as you want to be! I did find that it was a bit easier with two people when applying the twine. One to dot the glue and one to stick the twine to the glue and tie it around the bottle.
TIPS: Begin at the top of the bottle and dot glue right at the bottom of the neck of the bottle. Glue every two to three spins of twine around the bottle. Make sure you are pulling the twine VERY tight while layering it on the bottle.
 TIPS FOR BOTTOM OF BOTTLE: Make a line with a pencil where you want the twine to begin at the bottom of the bottle. Start right above the buttons and glue down your first piece. Glue every two to three spins of twine around the bottle just like above. Make sure to keep pulling the twine very tight while applying it around the bottle! Glue down the last piece and cut off!
7. Hooray!! Santa Clause is coming to town!! Set it up in your house and enjoy your DIY Santa!!

Tinsel Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Materials needed:

  1. Empty wine bottle: make sure this wine bottle is extra clean!
  2. Contact paper: you can just use a regular piece of paper as well but we found that contact works the best for cut outs!
  3. Green spray paint: we didn’t use acrylic paint for this project because the acrylic paint doesn’t work well with the cut-out pattern
  4. Tinsel: This will go inside the wine bottle at the end to make it really special and pop!
tinsel wine bottle centerpiece.png


1. Clean your wine bottle and remove the sticker. Soak in hot water for 30-45 minutes. If that doesn’t work you can try removing the sticker and glue with fingernail polish!
2. Next, draw out or find a Christmas tree pattern you like the best and draw this out onto your contact paper.
3. Stick the tree cut out to your bottle. Make sure you smooth it out and ensure there are no bubbles or pieces sticking out to help prevent the paint from getting underneath the stencil.
4. Spray the entire bottle with your green spray paint and allow it dry all the way before removing the stencil.
5. Once the paint is completely dry before removing the stencil. When removing the stencil make sure to do it very slowly and carefully so the paint doesn’t pull off along with the stencil.
6.  Add your tinsel and any other decorations in the wine bottle and TADAH!! You have a wonderful piece of decor or even a centerpiece which is what we used ours for!
There you have it!
Three adorable DIY holiday inspired decor perfect for any home! Now it’s time to blast your favorite holiday station and get crafty!
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And if you choose to make these DIY decor bottles, let us know! We love to hear that you’ve made your own creation!



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17 thoughts on “D.I.Y Holiday Decor

  1. Love your ideas! I remember I used to have so much fun making Christmas decorations with my mom. I need to do it this year with my daughter. She’ll love it! Thank you.

  2. I am gifting a lot of wine this year… may have to try the wine bottle decor because it is so darn cute.

  3. These are all great crafts. My favorite is the Santa wine bottle.

    1. One of our favorites too! The Santa wine bottle was so fun to make, and it was great to do something creative with the empty bottles!!

  4. I love these ideas – so simple and easy! I’m totally doing the Santa Claus wine bottle one!

    1. Thank you! We hope that you have fun doing the Santa wine bottle. Great way to recycle any empty bottles into something to use again!

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