11 DIY Home Decor Ideas

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Whether you have old decor that needs new life or if you like to DIY your home then you’ve come to the right place! Reusing and repurposing things you already have laying around the house can not only save you money, but it can add a brand new sparkle to your home!

Today I’m bringing you 11 DIY home decor ideas that you can easily do in your very home today! And don’t worry, you don’t need any fancy tools to do these projects.

Let’s dive in!


1. Upcycled Tray 

photo & tutorial credit: annsentitledlife.com

Coffee table trays not only organize your kitchen table but they also add a touch of elegance! But, they can come with a hefty price tag.

With this upcycled tray all you need is some wood, paint and a little bit of creativity!

Get the full tutorial here!



2. Red Wagon Planter

photo & tutorial credit: thesoccermomblog.com   

Do you remember those little red wagons we all used to have as a kid? Oh, how I loved those and always tried to get someone to pull me around..but I just ended up sitting there. Heck, I’m 26 and still waiting for someone to pull me in a wagon.

These vintage wagons don’t have to be tossed once the kids grow up! Turn them into an adorable planter to showcase all of your gorgeous flowers!

Get the full tutorial here!



3. Upcycled Floating Shelves

photo & tutorial credit: craftifymylove.com   

Floating shelves look stunning in the home but they can be super expensive and sometimes it’s hard to find the right style, so why not make your own?

Use old drawers you already have laying around or head to your local consignment shop and pick some up for an inexpensive and creative organization hack!

Get the full tutorial here!



4.  Upcycled Mini Trunk 

photo & tutorial credit: pinkfortitude.com

Upcycling is one of the best ways to reduce clutter and you get the most bang for your buck!

Did you know you can turn a clementine crate into a mini trunk? So cute and practical! You can house books, mail or even keys in this adorable DIY!

Get the full tutorial here!


5. DIY Pineapple Welcome Sign

photo & tutorial credit: heartandvine.com 

Pineapples are the fruit of the summer! They’re juicy, refreshing and most of all, they make adorable home decor!

This DIY pineapple sign is easy to make and it adds a pop of summer to your home!

Get the full tutorial here!



6. Upcycled Welcome Mat 

photo & tutorial credit: smallstuffcounts.com 

You know that old welcome mat that’s just collecting dirt, dust and grime?  Instead of throwing it away, give it an inexpensive facelift!

All you need is a fresh coat of paint and you can turn that old welcome mat into something incredible!

Get the full tutorial here!



7. Farmhouse Inspired DIY Hanging Planter

photo & tutorial credit: thefrugalfarmgirl.com  

Farmhouse decor has been super popular online for quite some time and this farmhouse-inspired succulent planter looks fantastic!!

If you want to add some farmhouse inspiration to your home without paying the big bucks, all you need is some wood, a wire basket and of course succulents!

And best of all, this whole planter only cost $25 to make!

Get the full tutorial here!


8. DIY Coastal Message/Picture Board

photo & tutorial credit: funmoneymom.com  

This coastal message board will add a touch of tropical fun to your home and is perfect for bedrooms or kitchens!

And the best part is you can create this DIY coastal message board for less than $6!

Get the full tutorial here!


9. Upcycled Barn Door

photo & tutorial credit: soulyrested.com  

Rustic farmhouse inspired decor is a stunning addition to the home and can be really fun to DIY! But this upcycled barn door takes it to a whole new level!

This barn door actually came from a BARN! So fun! Barn sales are a dime a dozen depending on where you live and here is the perfect tutorial to turn an old barn door into something incredible for your home!

Get the full tutorial here!



10. DIY Book Banner

photo & tutorial credit: downredbuddrive.com 

Banners add tons of color and a fun twist to any room in the house, especially bedrooms and nurseries!

All you need to create this DIY book banner is some old books, tape, and a glue gun! This project is also super budget friendly!

Get the full tutorial here!



11. DIY Bookmark

photo & tutorial credit: janinehuldie.com  

I don’t know about you but I never remember to buy bookmarks which means all of my books are littered with dog ears and I always lose my place!

Using cardboard, washi tape and some yarn you can create your very own! Get creative and make ones for the whole family!

Get the full tutorial here!


Make Something New out of Something Old

Reusing things you already have in the home can help you reduce clutter and give new life to decor you never knew you had!

This is also a great way to save some money and help organize your home. Feeling inspired? Tell me!

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6 thoughts on “11 DIY Home Decor Ideas

  1. So many wonderful, creative ideas! Thanks for including my upcycled old door! I love giving old things new life, and now your post has given me lots more ideas. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Michelle! And you’re right, I now really want a barn door in my house! This was a really fun post to write and there are so many fun DIY decor ideas!

  2. Such great finds! I love the leopard bookmark. I am a bookworm and have crafted many bookmarks…just a view weeks ago a cute one from felt. I love the upcycled tray, the wire basket planters. You did a very good job at curating DIYs for this roundup post. Thank you for featuring one of my projects, too. You’re welcome to feature other projects in future posts.

    1. Thank you so much, Habiba! Repurposing and turning trash into treasure is one of my favorite things to do and I was so excited to find so many fun and different ways to make something old new again! Thanks again for letting me use your projects, I loved them all!

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