8 DIY Spring/Summer Inspired Wedding Decorations

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DIY wedding decor is not only a fantastic way to save a little bit of cash but it’s also a really fun way to add a bit of creativity and flair to your wedding!

These 8 summer wedding decorations are perfect for any wedding day and can easily be customized to your colors and theme. You can create your own bouquets, centerpieces or even monogrammed cocktail napkins!

Check out all of our favorite spring/summer DIY wedding decorations below! 

1. DIY Beach Themed Centerpiece

photo & tutorial credit: sustainmycrafthabit.com 

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or you are bringing the beach home, this DIY beach-themed centerpiece is absolutely stunning!

You can’t go wrong with an elegant glass vase, your favorite seashells, and your wedding flowers! You could even create mini ones to go on each guest table and have a large one for your table!

Get your hands on the tutorial here!


2. DIY Direction Arrows

photo & tutorial credit: coastalkelder.com 

You never want to be stressing about where your guests are during your big day and these DIY direction arrows are the perfect solution!

Tell your guests exactly where to go whether you are having a cocktail hour, where the ceremony will take place and where to go for the after-hours reception!

Get your hands on the tutorial here!


3. DIY Colored Sand

photo & tutorial credit: pennypinchinmom.com 

Colored sand can make a gorgeous centerpiece for your home after the wedding and can be another keepsake of the memorable day but sand can get expensive!

This is also a fun addition to the ceromery!

So why not make your own?? With this tutorial, you only need simple materials that look stunning and you really get to be creative!

Get your hands on the tutorial here!


4. DIY Wine Glass Tutu Place Card Holder

photo & tutorial credit: stylishcravings.com 

If you want a really fun and creative way to show your guests where they’ll be sitting, this tutorial is perfect for you!

Using wine glasses, some tulle fabric, and some creativity, you can create a really stunning place card holder that fits perfectly into your wedding theme and adds a pop of color to your guest tables!

Get your hands on the tutorial here!


5. DIY Beach Themed Mason Jar Lanterns

photo & tutorial credit: abrideonabudget.com 

Lanterns add the perfect mood lighting to any wedding and are absolutely perfect for outdoor weddings or beach weddings!

If you want to bring a bit of the beach to your wedding, you can easily create these stunning beach-themed mason jar lanterns with a few mason jars, some sand, seashells, and a tea candle!

Get your hands on the tutorial here!


6. DIY Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins

photo & tutorial credit: tikkido.com   

Monogrammed napkins can add a sense of elegance and personalization to any wedding meal or cocktail hour but they can come with a hefty price tag!

So why not make your own gorgeous monogrammed napkins to share with your friends and family that don’t break the bank.

Get your hands on the tutorial here!


7. DIY Boho Inspired Wedding Centerpieces

photo & tutorial credit: theinspirationvault.com 

Recycling and repurposing jars and bottles aren’t just for the home! Grab yourself some glass bottles or vases and some paint and you have yourself a recipe for some gorgeous centerpieces!

These boho inspired centerpieces are so simple to make, yet so elegant and stunning on the table! And you get to get extra creative to match the colors of your wedding while also saving money.

Get your hands on the full tutorial here!


8. DIY 3D Paper Flowers

photo & tutorial credit: redtedart.com  

The fun thing about these paper flowers is how versatile they are! Use them in your bouquet, have the flower girl carry them down the aisle or even set up a photo booth with all of your favorite paper flowers and colors!

These stunning paper flowers last a lifetime, are easy to make and add a fun creative flair to any wedding!

Get your hands on the full tutorial here!


There you have it, 8 different spring/summer inspired DIY wedding decorations that you can make for your big day! Which of these were your favorites? Let us know down below!

8 DIY spring/summer inspired wedding decorations that will wow your guests!

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