14 Creative and Unique ways to use Mason Jars

Instead of tossing those old mason jars, here are 14 awesome hacks you can use for your old mason jars!

Do you have old mason jars cluttering up your home? Look, you know you’ve got them, you don’t know what to do with them and they’re overflowing everywhere! I love turning trash into treasure and mason jars are so versatile you can turn them into just about anything you want! From making ice cream in them to creating summer inspired fruit decor the possibilities are endless! Let your creativity shine and let’s turn that trash into treasure! 14 Creative and Unique ways to use […]

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13 4th of July Inspired DIY Decorations

13 different 4th of July inspired DIY decorations! Get creative this 4th of July and create your own fun and festive decorations!

My all-time favorite thing to do as a kid was to lay on my back and “ooh and ahh” as I watched the fireworks. Back then I was lucky enough to be able to climb out my bedroom window and watch them from the roof, which honestly sounds terrifying now! Summertime was always my favorite time of year with backyard BBQs, family picnics, lazy days at the local swimming pool and of course, FIREWORKS! The 4th of July is just around the […]

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How to make a 4th of July Centerpiece

Looking for a fun and frugal way to add a festive touch to your home? Check out this DIY 4th of July centerpiece!

Can you believe that the 4th of July is just around the corner? I don’t know about you but this holiday just came up so quickly and I realized I didn’t have decorations for the holidays! Of course, I had to create my own centerpiece and I’m going to show you how you can do it as well! Not only that this centerpiece cost me less than $20 to make! 4th of July Centerpiece The really fun thing about this centerpiece is […]

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3 DIY Summer Inspired Fruit Mason Jars

Summer style with a twist! These adorable DIY mason jars are perfect for a day at the beach, a picnic in the park or even a backyard BBQ!

Summer is finally upon us which means days spent at the beach, backyard BBQs and nights sleeping under the stars! But nothing says summer quite like fresh pineapple, strawberries and of course, watermelon! I wanted to have a little fun this summer and not only enjoy those delicious fruits but also turn them into an adorable and fun DIY project! I’ve put together three different summer-inspired fruit mason jars that are not only budget friendly but can be used to spice up any home, […]

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How to make a Rope Basket out of Cardboard

You know that pile of old boxes that seem to take up that small space under your basement stairs that just seems to keep growing and growing? Yeah, we’ve all got those. Organizing and decluttering your home is one of the best things you can do! So why not use those old boxes instead of throwing them away! Today, I’m going to show you how to turn an old box into a Pier One Imports rope basket dupe! Seriously, this […]

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DIY Budget-Friendly Canvas Art

Call all creatives! If you love art but don't love the price tag, I've got you covered with three budget-friendly DIY canvas art pieces that you can make in your very own home for less than $10!

Art is a beautiful thing, it’s subjective. We each see something different even if we’re looking at the exact same piece. But let’s face it, quality art can be expensive! My fiance and I recently moved into our first house!  Okay, okay we moved in a year ago but our walls are still empty and we still have boxes everywhere. Anyway. I couldn’t wait to decorate our home, but like I said, art can be expensive! So I wanted to find […]

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How to Make Clay Roses

Want to make gorgeous jewelry out of clay? These clay roses make perfect gifts, jewelry or even home decor pieces! Learn how you can make them by clicking on the post! #polymerclay#clayroses#claydecor#clayflowers

How to make clay roses Spring has finally sprung! Or has it? It’s currently sunny, yet under 50 degrees so maybe it hasn’t really sprung just yet. And I’ve got to be honest, I’m feeling the winter blues! I’m ready for summer already! So I thought what better way to boost the springtime vibe than to make flowers! But not just any flowers, ROSES! I don’t know about you but I love roses! And today we’re making them with a […]

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Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Muffins, they’re pretty much the perfect food! They’re sweet, they’re tangy, they’re cake-like. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert and not feel guilty about it. As a kid I adored muffins! I just couldn’t get enough of them! As this trickled into adulthood and when I became vegan, I just knew I couldn’t leave muffins in my past. My all-time favorite muffins were lemon poppy seed! They’re sweet, tangy, and oh so delicious! I knew I […]

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The Ultimate Vacation Packing Checklist

Summer vacation is just around the corner! Get ready with this ultimate guide to packing for vacation!

Good old family vacation! They’re filled with children laughing, relaxing by the pool, navigating the airport and of course, sightseeing! But what’s not so fun is when you forget your sweater and have to buy one, or Johnny forgets his favorite pair of shoes and has a meltdown. To help you avoid some of the stressors that come with vacation I’m bringing you the ultimate guide to packing because we can all use a little help getting organized! First things first, make […]

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Vegan Cheesy Potato Recipe

You know those super delicious and delectable potatoes that someone always seems to make for the holidays? And they’re always dripping in cheese and they’re just so dang delicious! Well, guess what! You’re in luck because today, I’m bringing you a cheesy potato recipe like you’ve never seen it before…VEGANIZED! Okay, okay, I’m not that innovative but seriously, these cheesy potatoes are SOO GOOD! I mean, I should know. I like to think of myself as a vegan cheese connoisseur if I […]

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