14 Creative and Unique ways to use Mason Jars

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Do you have old mason jars cluttering up your home?

Look, you know you’ve got them, you don’t know what to do with them and they’re overflowing everywhere!

I love turning trash into treasure and mason jars are so versatile you can turn them into just about anything you want! From making ice cream in them to creating summer inspired fruit decor the possibilities are endless!

Let your creativity shine and let’s turn that trash into treasure!

14 Creative and Unique ways to use Mason Jars

I’m sharing with you 14 different creative and unique ways you can use those old mason jars today!! Oh and if you don’t have any mason jars laying around you can easily use old pickle jars, peanut butter jars or even salsa containers!


1. Mason Jar Watermelon Utensil Holder

photo & tutorial credit: twocraftygals.com

With a little bit of paint, you can turn your mason jars into a watermelon utensil holder! These utensil holders will add a pop of color and some fun to any picnic or backyard BBQ!

And best of all, they’re super easy to make!

Get the full tutorial here!


2. Jute Wrapped Succulent Mason Jar Planter

photo & tutorial credit: confessionsofanover-workedmom.com

Whether you have a green thumb or not (like me) you easily turn an old mason jar into a gorgeous succulent planter!

These make the perfect gifts and add a pop of color to any home! Grab your jute and a jar and turn your mason jar into something you love!

Grab the full tutorial here!


3. Starry Night Mason Jar Snowglobe

photo & tutorial credit: popshopamerica.com 

Snowglobes aren’t just for the holiday’s, you can create a stunning snowglobe that glitters in the sunlight and is perfect for the summer night sky!

This mason jar also makes the perfect gift and decor for bedrooms!

Grab the full tutorial here!


4. Homemade Icecream in a Mason Jar

photo & tutorial credit: thetriftycouple.com 

Did you know you could make ice cream in a mason jar?? Heck yeah!

I remember trying to make ice cream from snow as a kid but I kept grabbing the yellow snow…I quickly learned that wasn’t lemon flavor…

The fun thing about this tutorial is that you can use a plastic baggy or use a mason jar that you can reuse over and over again!

Get the full tutorial here!


5. DIY Mason Jar Lid Coaster

photo & tutorial credit: pinkfortitude.com

Instead of throwing away those old mason jar lids they can actually be turned into a really fun and simple coaster! Becuase no one likes those nasty ring stains on their tables…I need to make these!

These coasters are also super versatile and can easily fit into any home decor!

Get the full tutorial here!


6. Garden in a Jar

photo & tutorial credit: savingdollarsandsense.com

Mason jars aren’t just for organization or decoration, you can also turn them into a mini garden! This DIY garden in a jar makes the perfect gift or party favor!

Get the full tutorial here!


7. DIY Mason Jar Soy Candle

photo & tutorial credit: annsentitledlife.com 

Candles are the perfect addition to any home and can add fantastic sents and smells that fill the home! But sometimes they’re just dang expensive!

Why not create your own! These mason jar soy candles also make the perfect gifts and allow you to have deliciously smelling candles in your home all year round!

Get the full tutorial here!


8. Mason Jar Cucumber Scrub

photo & tutorial credit: happyandblessedhome.com 

Cucumbers aren’t’ just for days at the spay! You can create your very own spa day with just a few ingredients and a mason jar!

Get the full tutorial here!


9. Fruit Themed Mason Jar Vases

photo & tutorial credit: amber-oliver.com 

If you are looking for budget-friendly summer inspired home or bedroom decor, look no further!

This adorable fruit inspired mason jars add a fun pop of color to any room in your home and can make really fun centerpieces for any picnic or backyard BBQ!

Get the full tutorial here!


10. Mason Jar Bug Repellant Luminaries

photo & tutorial credit: favourandsavour.com 

The summertime brings warm nights, longer days and of course, BUGS! But instead of using those store-bought repellents why not make your own more natural repellent that’s safer you for you and the environment!

Not only that, they’re very pretty to look at!

Get the full tutorial here!


11. American Flag Mason Jar Lanterns

photo & tutorial credit: uncommondesignsonline.com 

It’s that time of year and the 4th of July is just around the corner!

This lantern will not only add some festive flair to your porch or deck but it will also add a summery glow to any home!

Get the full tutorial here!


12. Painted Mason Jar Flower Planters

photo & tutorial credit: madesimplybystacey.com 

I’m all about adding color to my home and nothing does that better than beautiful flowers and luscious green succulents!

All you need is some paint, plants and mason jars to create these DIY flower planters!

Get the full tutorial here!


13. Pressed Flower Mason Jar Candles

photo & tutorial credit: heartandvine.com  

Homemade candles are the perfect way to add a fresh scent to your home and adding fresh pressed flowers add an even more fragrant and summer scent!

Get the full tutorial here!


14. Do it Yourself Painted Mason Jars

photo & tutorial credit: fancyshanty.com  

Colored mason jars add a super fun pop of color to any home and are super versatile! You can add a tealight candle for a summer glow or fill them with fruit or flowers for a summery centerpiece perfect for afternoon picnics and backyard BBQs!

Get the full tutorial here!


14 Creative Ways to use Mason Jars you need to try Today!

There you have it, a whole bunch of different ways you can utilize those old jars that are just collecting dust all over your home!

The possibilities are endless with these mason jars crafts so don’t forget to pin this for later and show us a picture of your version of these creative and unique mason jar crafts!

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4 thoughts on “14 Creative and Unique ways to use Mason Jars

    1. I love using old mason jars to create things! Have fun!

  1. All of these would be great as gifts, too. If you used a citronella candle in the American flag jar, it would be even better. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cynthia! I completely agree these would all make really wonderful 4th of July party gifts or even housewarming gifts!

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